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Philippa M

The tutor made the subject so much easier to absorb with relevant and simple examples at the right times through our learning journey! I feel I have come away equipped to use Prince 2 in my work as a basic standard of practice! Thank you

Posted 1 day ago

Hannah S

Overall the training was good and I did find it useful to gain an understanding of the Prince 2 Framework. The trainer was obviously very knowledgeable about the material but could have been a little more patient with us as a group of learners and at times seemed dismissive of our questions or condescending. The one thing that I felt was missing from the course was the enthusiasm behind Project Management. I appreciate that the course is designed to impart the complex foundations of Prince 2 however, as someone who works in Project Management I know how interesting and dynamic projects can be and I don't know if that that came across. Having said that I did enjoy the course, am happy that I have a Prince 2 qualification and would encourage others to get trained in Prince 2.

Posted 3 days ago

Adam P

Really knowledgeable, motivating and enthusiastic trainer. I couldn't recommend him, or the training, more because of it. With the amount of new language and meaning to learn I thought the approach taken was ideal; trying to cover things in stages and introduce elements accordingly. It was a sound holistic approach. Thank you!

Posted 3 days ago

Marie D

Fast paced course but very experienced trainer provided skills to learn pass the test not just learning Prince2 Project Management.

Posted 3 days ago

Daniel C

An intensive course with lots of material covered - I think extending the course by an extra day would of helped with the pace.

Posted 4 days ago

Vuka U

Harminder did a fantastic job to make it interesting. Overall impressed with his professionalism. To get people to cram in so much knowledge in such a short time is really amazing. Well done Harminder!

Posted 4 days ago

Holly R

The course was very insightful and the trainer led the course well covering all aspects of what to expect in the exam. I think the course could be extended to be from 3 to 5 days to fully understand each element of PRINCE2 properly as I felt that 3 days to learn everything was quite pressurised and intense (even with the pre reading). I think the book could possibly be condensed a bit as there is a lot of information that was in there that was not relevant to this foundation exam. Overall, I enjoyed the course and think that it was taught well and in a engaging, enthusiastic way. I am very glad that I have passed the exam and achieved my best score to date on the actual exam day itself! Holly

Posted 4 days ago

Toby L

Trainer was good, didn't always seem very tolerant of learners if they didn't know the answers/took a bit longer to grasp information. But I passed with 78% so am happy!

Posted 4 days ago

Callum L

Firstly I would like to say that the tutor Helen Morris was fantastic, she made something which was made out to be a nightmare by my colleagues a lot easier to take in that I first thought. She explained step by step and made interesting annecdotes relating to life which kept attention, I am a person who struggles with exams and I was so happy that I passed. I rated course materials as average because I would have prefered some extra help/annotations on some of the slides just because sometimes there was a lot of information to write down and having this would have helped me achieve a greater knowledge. Thank you! Callum

Posted 1 week ago

Baljit S

Made a dry subject interesting

Posted 1 week ago

Claire V

The Tutor was very nice and made great efforts to make the training entertaining. I think we could have made a bit more time for exam prep (review, structured recaps, mock exams, etc...) and the tutor could have involved us a bit more in coming up with ideas and examples. There were soe discussions but often the tutor let the discussion carry on and he could have facilitated the discussions a bit more towards producing a structured recap of the the key points for each specific areas. Overall the content was good but could have done with a bit more structure.

Posted 1 week ago

Becki B

My personal view of the course overall was a positive one. There is a huge amount of work to get through in limited time which was a little overwhelming at first thought. The refreshments were great and there was no need to go outside for lunch. We had breaks in the morning and afternoon but I have to be honest the afternoons were long and we were finishing up at around 5.15 so by this time I was exhausted. The trainer was good and very knowledgeable, the only feedback I would suggest giving is to spend a less time on giving personal experiences as examples as for me personally this did not help me remember anything in my test and I did tend to 'zone out' whilst listening to these.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Iain C

The course was run well and the trainer was very good and engaging in explaining content. The pre-course material could be improved - it referenced a document that wasn't provided but is available online but no indication of that was provided.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Robert P

The tutor was very knowledgeable, which is always a distinct advantage as it allows them to put more complicated subjects into various contexts to allow better understanding. Venue was adequate, not amazing, but adequate. Would recommend.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Kathryn L

Trainer kept us engaged with a varied style, informative and also helpful advice on exam technique

Posted 3 weeks ago

Keith T

The pace was quite fast and it might have been good to have a bit more time for discussion (though not essential).

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hayley R

car parking was limited at the venue and we were moved into different rooms everyday

Posted 3 weeks ago

Harry P

I think that the training that was provided was comprehensive however when we received the exam paper it was difficult to relate what we had been taught to what was asked.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Jack R

Course was good and covered all the major topics that would be required. Facilities were good and we were provided with everything we needed. If there was anything I would change would be the fact that there's a lot of info to cover within the time span. So maybe being able to have access to a few more reading materials before the course started could be useful. It was enjoyable and extremely useful!

Posted 1 month ago

Peter B

great course, very useful. The map on the course information directed to a wrong location for IT365. The food provided was good. The suspended floor is very noisy and you can hear people constantly walking past.

Posted 1 month ago

Karen B

The training was good and I felt as though I had a good grasp on the subject scoring high on the test papers. Unfortunately when it came to the exam the questions were worded very differently, the vast majority of the questions didn't make sense and it felt as though we had been trained at a different level. The only way I felt I would have been able to answer all the questions in the exam would have been if I had memorised the entire workbook word for word. That said, even the trainer said he struggled to understand what the exam questions were saying so what hope did we have? Came out of there feeling as though I had wasted 3 days :-(

Posted 1 month ago

Jim T

Very much enjoyed the course, appreciated the extra sauce that the tutor would add to the slide information to help the material 'stick' in the brain. Full exam seemed to be significantly harder than all practice material I encountered, both provided by the course and that I sourced myself, other attendees I spoke to afterwards were of the same opinion. But that is no reflection on, or the fault of, the course you provided. Thoroughly enjoyed, felt worth it. Thanks Jim

Posted 1 month ago

Wenceslyne O

Our trainer was very engaging and supportive. The whole week was jam-packed with information but I managed to get my head around the important bits which I couldn't have done without her help. Overall, the experience was great and wouldn't hesitate to take another course from Best Practice Training!

Posted 1 month ago

Ryan K

very informative, and explained clearly.

Posted 1 month ago

Claire H

Claudeen was amazing, a true fountain of knowledge and you felt so confident with the information that she gave us. She really prepared us for everything we would need to know for the exam. I loved the week, even though it was intense and would definitely recommend to others.

Posted 1 month ago

Christine T

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. I would have appreciated getting the materials earlier so I could have read more before the course as I find I retain more if I can do a bit of pre-reading. (NB The manual only arrived a week before the course took place even though it was booked well in advance.) My suggestion for improvement would be that if there was time doing a timed I hour session under exam conditions of half of a practice paper might have been useful practice for the exam.

Posted 1 month ago

Darren T

Vastly more helpful and informative than the previous company I received the training from. More emphasis on knowing the subject rather than passing the exam.

Posted 1 month ago

Linda C

Claudine is a fantastic tutor. Knows her subject with plenty of real life examples. Knows the book backwards and gives plenty of guidance on the exams and how it works in practice. Yummy food at lunch time - delicious sandwiches and cakes. Good support and encouragement from the rest of the team. Easy to book in. Plenty of parking outside the office.

Posted 1 month ago

Alexander E

The training course was well taught if and planned. I'll highly recommend it..

Posted 1 month ago

Duncan W

Knowledgeable and passionate trainer, the refreshments and lunch were good.

Posted 1 month ago

Thomas P

Overall I was extremely satisfied with everything that was provided with the three-day course. The trainer was very friendly, knowledgable, and willing to help and provide assistance where necessary.

Posted 1 month ago

Lindsay J

This is a very dry subject, and for a non-IT person it was a bit daunting. Not my favourite thing ever, but the teaching clearly worked because I passed with flying colours. Thank you :o)

Posted 1 month ago

David E

This was my second training event this year and I wouldn't hesitate to use Best Practice Training again. The trainer really knew the subject to expert level. The atmosphere between training sessions was relaxed and friendly and a perfect learning environment.

Posted 1 month ago

Ã?zge C

It was a great training, thank you!

Posted 1 month ago

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