Course Introduction

This 1-day course provides the delegates with the required awareness for using more advanced formulas and works with different tools to analyse data in spreadsheets, such as sorting, conditional formatting, filtering, and checking.

The learning will also include organising table data and presenting data in charts. Learning how Excel spreadsheets are built and creating templates is also included in this course.

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    This Training Classes delivered by highly experienced Microsoft Excel instructors

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    This Microsoft Excel course include course material, manuals, Exams and certificates

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    Learn how to use and apply Excel by your accredited Microsoft partner

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    Proof of professional achievement, Fulfillment of training requirements and Opportunity of career advancement Training course

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    Enhance your productivity at work and fast track your career

What’s included

BPT offers more benefits. Here is what's included with this course:


Tutor Support




The participants should know the workings of the following:

    • Selecting and editing data
    • Performing basic formatting
    • Opening, closing and saving files
    • Creating basic spreadsheets
    • Creating basic formulas AutoSum
    • Working with absolute references
    • Using the AutoFill feature
    • Using Insert Function to create built-in functions
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Delegates will learn how to

  • Seting up and modifying Charts
  • Working with Excel tables
  • Calculating with advanced formulas
  • Auditing methods using the auditing tools
  • Organising worksheet statistics so that data can be constant and filtered
  • Applying Conditional Formatting
  • Creating Excel templates
  • Analysing data with recommended Pivot tables
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Target Audience

The course is designed for the individuals who have basic awareness about Micrsoft Excel 2013 & its introduction and further want to enahnce their knowledge on Excel 2013 functions.


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