Topic Introduction

Value Management (VM) is a systematic, organised system of investigation, using trained, multi-disciplined teams to analyse the practical requirements of a project for the purpose of reaching the essential functions at the lowest total cost (maintenance, operating and capital) over the life of the project. This programme management qualification will help you enhance your skills by providing the highest quality of value within your projects. Enquire today with best practice training to find out more information. 

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    Understand The Systematic and Organised System of Investigation of A Project

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    Work with Multiple Teams From Different Fields to Analyse Practical Requirement

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    Learn to Use The Essential Functions of the Project at Minimum Cost

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    Learn from Certified Faculty

Course Information

What is Value Management?

Value Management is concerned with improving and sustaining a desirable balance between the wants and needs of stakeholders and the resources needed to satisfy them. Stakeholder value judgements vary, and VM reconciles differing priorities to deliver best value for all stakeholders.

Why Should I Take a Value Management?

Value Management is to minimise the capital and operating costs associated with the asset or function delivered by a project, within the required quality, performance and timing, and satisfying safety, environmental and project approval constraints.

What are the Benefits of taking Value Management course?

Manage how time and resource are invested to maximise value added change, Confirmation of stakeholder satisfaction, Definition of benefit measures, Implement tailored BRM approach and Ensure changes are sustained

Why Choose Best Practice Training?

Best Practice Training offers courses based on the Value Management Official Curriculum, We provide 100% up-to-date material and Our instructors are professionals and Value Management Certified.




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