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Agile is a theoretical framework promoting incremental and well-planned iterations throughout its development cycle. Agile Project Management helps in making the teams more predictable by allowing transparency. It increases the software quality as well. The training contains the Foundation and Practitioner course. The delegates also have the option of taking the courses separately. Enquire today for a Project Management certification with Best Practice Training.

Agile Project Management Training - Best Practice

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Course Information

What is Agile Training?

Agile Project Management is a revolutionary method used for the practice of project management. It involves modern project management strategies which can be applied to software development and IT projects. The basis of Agile Project Management is that projects are planned and completed in small incremental phases, to avoid any last minute cramming. This approach encourages effective communication and decision-making, regular testing and comprehensive documentation. As such, this technique increases the organisation, productivity, resource utilisation and overall quality of software development projects.


Why Should I Take Agile Project Management Training?

Delegates will become familiar with the Agile development process in order to understand Agile Project Management. Also, delegates will be trained to identify and understand various models used for Agile development. Learn how to use the model to provide specific management in accordance with the requirements of the project that needs to be developed.

Furthermore, a certification in Agile Project Management is becoming more and more sought-after by employers, as it is desired that individuals possess an up-to-date understanding of project management. An Agile Project Management certification clearly demonstrates a high level of understanding in this area and indicates a perceptive and skilled project manager. In this way, attending this training course and earning this certification has the potential to considerably develop your career and salary prospects.


What Agile Courses can I learn with Best Practice Training?

  • The Best Practice Training Agile Project Management Foundation training course teaches delegates the basics of project planning, resourcing and managing an Agile project. This is a 3-day course.
  • Our Agile Project Management Practitioner course provides delegates with the ability to implement the Agile methodology to specific projects. This is a 1-day course.
  • The Agile Project Management Foundation and Practitioner training course gives delegates a complete, detailed understanding of Agile Project Management. This is a 4-day course.


Why choose an Agile course with Best Practice Training?

Best Practice Training is a world-leading training provider. Our instructors are certified in their specific domain. Trusted by many leading brands, Best Practice Training has successfully delivered over 1000 courses. Delegates are supplied with hands-on, engaging training sessions in venues equipped with the latest technology to promote the best possible learning opportunities.


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