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In Project Management Training, one will gain the skills needed to plan, manage, execute and control successful projects in the organisation. Our wide range of Project Management training courses includes Scrum Training, Change Management Training, Agile Project Management and PRINCE2 Training.

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What is Project Management?

A project manager must apply process, methodology, knowledge, skill and experience in order to keep a project plan on track and reach the ultimate project objective. By doing so, it is hoped that the end product will cause some change that will benefit the organisation.

Each project is a unique attempt to achieve an end-goal. Often a project is segmented into a set of smaller, time-sensitive, achievable aims to break the project down into easily managed sections. A project is considered successful if all objectives are met according to acceptance criteria, timescale and budget.

A project manager has many factors to consider:

  • Why the project is necessary
  • Securing corporate agreement and funding
  • Producing and applying a management plan
  • Managing risks
  • Maintaining communication with the project team and stakeholders
  • Closing the project suitably

Each project manager must follow a simple pattern:

Initiating → Planning → Executing → Monitoring and Controlling → Closing


Why should I take a Project Management training course?

With Best Practice Training’s range of Project Management courses, you have the option to select a course which is the most relevant to your career or what you want to learn. By carrying out project management training you can develop personally and professionally, simultaneously enhancing your proficiency and employability.

Project management training gives you the opportunity to enhance your leadership skills, improve efficiency and boost your confidence. All of these qualities are essential for becoming a brilliant project manager.


Who is Project Management training for?

Project management training is suitable for any individual interested in personal development and gaining skills required to effectively initiate, manage and close a project. Project management is required in all sectors and as such is an exceedingly valuable skill to have.


Why choose a project management certification with Best Practice Training?

Our courses such as the renowned PRINCE2 training and Agile Project Management training deliver the best in Project Management training. This is because we possess state-of-the-art facilities, resources and technologies which allow for interactive and interesting sessions. In addition, the delegates are provided with hands-on, engaging training to make learning exciting.



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