An introduction to Agile software development

When did Agile start?

In the state of Utah at a Ski resort, in February of 2001, 17 project management industry experts gathered for two days. And as a result, they conceived the Agile Software Development Manifesto.

Agile software development is one of many forms of


CISSP Training what I need to know and how to prepare

What is CISSP?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional is an Information Security certification developed by the ISC. Obtaining this certification equips you to deal with and protect your organi...

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Welcome to our New Website!

About Best Practice Training

Best Practice Training is an independent provider of project management and IT service management training courses. Best Practice Training was created in 2011 and we have been widely used in public and private sectors throughout the UK as well as internationally. We pride ourselves on providing authorised c...

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