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This 10-day course is designed to provide professional skills, Knowledge & an understanding of CISCO CCNP which is required to integrate advanced routing concepts. While going through the implementation of scalability for Cisco routers which reconnects to WANs and LANs,  these methods are intended for professionals who are working with medium or large networks. Please browse Cisco certifications below

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    Manages security in routers, switches and other networking devices

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    Select,Install, Support and Troubleshoot Firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS solutions

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    Covers Network Security as well as Mobility Solutions

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    Training by CCNP Experts

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Delegates should have experience and knowledge of verification of enterprise routing and switching technologies and implementation experience as proffered by the Cisco Network Devices Part 1 Version 2.0 (ICND1) and Cisco Network Devices Part 2 Version 2.0 (ICND2) courses which are interconnected. Delegates can also have equivalent skills and knowledge to the above mentioned requirements.

Additionally to the skill and knowledge level equal to Cisco CCNA certification, it is suggested that the delegate has pragmatic experience in operating, Installing and maintaining Cisco routers and switches in an operational business environment.

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Delegates will learn how to

Plan and document the configuration and verification of routing protocols and their optimization in enterprise networks Identify the technologies, components, and metrics of EIGRP that are used to implement and verify EIGRP routing in diverse, large-scale internetworks that are based on requirements.

Identify, analyze, and match OSPF multiarea routing functions and benefits for routing efficiencies in network operations to implement and verify OSPF routing in a complex enterprise network.

Implement and verify a redistribution solution in a multiprotocol network that uses Cisco IOS Software features to control path selection and provides a loopfree topology according to a given network design and requirements.

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Target Audience

  • Primarily the course is for Network Professionals who want to implement routing based solutions precisely given a network design using Cisco IOS features & services. This includes configuring, planning & verification while implementing routing practically.
  • Widely the Job roles for these kind of professionals are network operations center (NOC), technical support personnel, network engineers, or technicians at help desk.
  • Secondarily, the course can be taken by any person who is into verification of routing protocols and implementation in the enterprise networks.



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Course Information

This course will enable the professionals to be able to expand the number of routers and sites with a significant increase using certain techniques. Using these techniques, they will not be required to redesign the network when different wiring configurations and additional sites are added. Implementation of Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) course will help the professionals to prepare for Cisco CCNP certification. This ROUTE course is a segment of the CCNP curriculum. During this course the delegate will learn the following:

  • Implementing routing redistribution through filtering methods.
  • Configuring authentications for routing protocols and Protecting Cisco routers in accordance with best methods.
  • Defining dynamics of remote connectivity options along with their effects on routing, defining routing protocols and implementing RIPng.
  • Configuring OSPF in IPv4 and IPv6 framework.
  • Implementing business Internet connectivity.
  • Configuring EIGRP in IPv4 and IPv6 domain.
  • Implementing path control with the use of policy based routing and IP SLA.



CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Southampton
30-07-2018 £5989.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days London
13-08-2018 £5164.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days London
19-11-2018 £5164.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Manchester
17-12-2018 £5274.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Reading
23-07-2018 £5989.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Birmingham
03-09-2018 £5274.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Cardiff
05-11-2018 £6587.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Leeds
01-10-2018 £6587.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Brighton
26-11-2018 £5989.00
CCNP Training (Cisco Certified Network Professional) 10 days Aberdeen
10-12-2018 £6587.00


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