Course Introduction

This five-day course provides delegates with the chance to look at reaches to manage changes and exhibit what all principles they can apply in practice. Four core areas will be focused on which are, Changes and the Organisation, Communications and Stakeholder Assignation, Change and the Individual, and Change Management in Practice. These topics will enable the delegates to create a broad change management plan to support effective change within an organisation.

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    Build comprehensive change management plan and implement effective change

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    Execute the role of a highly effective organisational change manager

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    Encourage people into adjusting to organisational change

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    Reduce the risks involved with unsuccessful organisational change initiatives

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    Course delivered by highly certified and experienced instructors

What’s included

BPT offers more benefits. Here is what's included with this course:


Pre Course Material


Exam(s) included






This course has no prerequisites however delegates would benefit with some basic knowledge of the organisational change before attending the course.

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Delegates will learn how to

  • Recognising the drivers for adjustment.
  • Planning learning activities to support change.
  • Creating and implementing a communication management plan.
  • Develop an effective transition team.
  • Select a suitable framework to use as the basis for the creation of a change management plan.
  • Recognise different organisation cultures and learn their influence on the change process.
  • Consider the impacts of changes on people within the organisation.
  • Create organisations that can respond in a healthy way to change.
  • Forming appropriate ascendency structures (Practitioner level).
  • Preparing for mostly facilitated workshops to encourage meaningful dialogue with those affected by the modification(Practitioner level).

Also, delegates will be provided with advice and guidance on the Foundation and Practitioner examination.

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Target Audience

The course is designed for managers who want to acquire a thorough knowledge of the organisational change. These include:

  • Project Managers
  • Change Managers
  • Operational line Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Organisational Development Managers
  • HR Representatives
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Course Information

Change management Foundation and Practioner Exams:

  •  Change Management Foundation Exam:
    • Knowledge of Change Management
    • Closed book Exam
    • 40 Mins Duration
    • Total 50 questions
    • Multiple choice
    • Passing percentage is 50%.
  •  Change Management Practioner Exam:
    • Applying Change Management course knowledge for a case study.
    • Objective type.
    • There will be 4 questions and each question will carry 20 marks.
    • Partially open book exam.
    • Includes 4 modules which will include the Foundation level material.
    • Passing percentage is 50%.


Change Management Foundation & Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Southampton
12-11-2018 £2187.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
18-06-2018 £984.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
23-07-2018 £1314.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
20-08-2018 £1314.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
17-09-2018 £1314.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
08-10-2018 £1314.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
05-11-2018 £1314.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days London
10-12-2018 £1314.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Bristol
11-06-2018 £1252.00
Change Management Foundation & Practitioner 5 days Bristol
15-10-2018 £1252.00


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