Course Introduction

This is a 2-day course which enables the delegates to refresh their knowledge which they have gained by previously passing the Foundation and Practitioner exams. Stimulating understanding of Principles, Approach, Process, and Embedding & Reviewing MoR® which form the core concepts of the Management of Risk Certification.

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    MoR Re-Registration training courses accredited officially by PeopleCert

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    Enhance your risk management knowledge and prove you know how to handle risk with an MoR Re-Registration qualification

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    MoR course comes with all material including MoR Re-Registration exam, MoR Re-Registration certificates and MoR manual

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    All courses are taught by highly experienced MoR trainers

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    MoR Foundation and Practitioner course will help you better manage risk with greater control using recognised Risk Management Framework

What’s included

BPT offers more benefits. Here is what's included with this course:


Exam(s) included




Tutor Support


Participant must have passed the MoR® Practitioner exam prior to take the MoR® Re-Registration exam. A proof of the same will be required to be presented prior to take the examination.

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Delegates will learn how to

  • Describing various terminologies that are used within MoR®
  • Identifying and assessing risks.
  • Planning and implementing risk responses
  • Establishing current practices using MoR® Healthcheck and maturity model
  • Designing an approach for risk management to improve performance
  • Identifying changes and methodologies to improve Risk Management
  • Understanding the importance of Risk Specialisms
  • Getting to know the major principles for the development of good risk management practices.
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Target Audience

  • Project Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Business change Managers
  • Operational staff
  • Support Managers
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Course Information

For every MoR® Practitioner it is compulsory to re-register themselves within a period of 3-5 years from the date of their certification to ensure the status of the certification is maintained. The MoR® courses both Foundation and Practitioner help maximise the potential of the candidates in the MoR® training environment by introducing them to the MoR® framework. The MoR® enables the organisations to recognise, evaluate and control blockades so as to result in service improvement and growth of the organisation.

The course enables you to apply the policies, principles, methods, and techniques to customize MoR® within an organisation. It provides the necessary skills to identify and mitigate risks in various situations. The candidates can also use the Re-Registration course to overcome their weaknesses or knowledge gaps arising from their continued risk management practice. 


Re-Registration exam

  • 90 Mins duration
  • Open book
  • 2 major questions (each question will carry 20 questions each)
  • Passing percentage is 50%

MoR Re-Registration Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days Southampton
16-08-2018 £3078.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days London
21-06-2018 £1208.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days London
09-08-2018 £1208.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days London
04-10-2018 £1208.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days London
15-11-2018 £1208.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days London
20-12-2018 £1208.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days Bristol
11-10-2018 £1593.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days Manchester
12-07-2018 £1593.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days Manchester
25-10-2018 £1593.00
Management of Risk (MoR®) Re-Registration 2 Days Reading
14-06-2018 £3078.00


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