Course Introduction

This is a five-day course which offers a detailed understanding of the Management of Risk (MoR®) systems. An introduction to the Values, Approaches, Procedures and Embedding & Reviewing MoR® will be given which are the bases of MoR®. Additionally, MoR®’s importance throughout the Organisation from Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational perspectives will be discussed.

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MoR® Foundation course has no specific prerequisites. However, it is expected that the delegates should have some working experience in an Operational or Programme, Project environment before attending the M_o_R® Foundation and Practitioner course. Participants must pass the foundation exam during the course to then take the practitioner exam on the final day.

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Delegates will learn how to

  • Increasing the position of Risk Specialisations
  • Creating an approach to risk management to enhance the performance
  • Getting to know the principles for the development of good risk management practices
  • Finding and assessing risks, then plan and implement risk replies
  • Describing terminologies that are used in MoR®
  • Classifying opportunities and ways to enhance Risk Management
  • Establish current practices using MoR® health check and maturity model
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Course Information


  • MoR® Foundation will be a 1 hour closed book examination with 75 multiple choice questions and 50% as the passing percentage.
  • MoR® Practitioner will be a 3 hour open book examination with 4 questions (1 question for each perspective). Each question will have 20 individual questions (80 questions in total) with a passing percentage of 50%.


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