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The Citrix certifications will advance your career with a variety of expert courses. They include techniques that are used to manage Server, Application and Desktop Virtualization and Networking. Best Practice Training is one of the leading Citrix course providers. Their professional instructors will help you develop your skills to become a technical IT professional.

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What is Citrix?

Citrix is a global software company based in America that provides desktop virtualization, server, application and networking including software as a service (SaaS) The well-known business also delivers high-quality cloud computing technologies which are used in many businesses.


What are the Citrix Certifications?

There are a huge variety of Citrix courses, each of which can be classified under one of three main areas:

  • Citrix Mobility
  • Citrix Networking
  • Citrix Virtualisation

Some examples of popular Citrix courses are:

  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix NetScaler
  • Citrix XenMobile

Best Practice Training delivers these courses at the highest of quality to ensure that you understand the fundamental skills to become a Citrix certified associate professional.


What is Citrix XenApp?

XenApp is one of the leading solutions for application and desktop delivery in the IT industry. The platform can help you to secure remote access to the Windows applications and server desktops from any device in any network. As security is starting to become more important for all businesses, the Citrix XenApp software makes sure that all applications and desktops are secured in the data centre to protect sensitive information. The globally recognised application also allows staff to access Linux virtual desktops along with the Windows resources to create a complete and professional working environment. 


Why should I take a Citrix Training course?

The courses covered under Citrix Training provide a fundamental knowledge that is required to be a master in Citrix products and solutions. These courses also prepare the delegates for Citrix Certifications that help in improving career opportunities and improve your earning potential.

Delegates have access to continuous learning through technology training, online courses, and development of on-the-job skills.


Why choose a Citrix Course with Best Practice Training?

At Best Practice Training, expert trainers provide tailored training courses by matching their teaching with the level of expertise of the delegate to explain the particular concepts. Furthermore, the delegates are provided with hands-on, engaging training to make learning exciting. All instructors at Best Practice Training are Citrix certified.



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