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18 Jul, 2017

10 reasons why completing the TOGAF® certification will be beneficial for you

TOGAF® is the enterprise architecture framework that is internationally adopted across the globe. TOGAF® is accredited by The Open Group, the examining body for this certification. The TOGAF® structure is used to design, plan, implement and monitor company’s information technology architecture. TOGAF® adopts the Architecture Development Method (ADM) allowing businesses to maintain or shape their IT architecture from existing technologies. Therefore, in getting your TOGAF® certification you will be able to implement the ADM to benefit your company. 10 reasons why TOGAF® certification is crucial for you include:

  • TOGAF® certification is evolving into a standard for professionals as this training is being chosen over experience by architecture organisations. Thus, undertaking the TOGAF® certification could improve your job prospects.
  • Corporations within the UK have become global leaders in the TOGAF® certification. This means that UK based employers are more likely to request that you have the certification in order to apply for specific jobs. For example, Fortune 500 companies list this qualification as a prerequisite.
  • The language of TOGAF® is becoming standardised within the architecture industry, therefore, not having the certification could result in your methodology and style becoming outdated.
  • TOGAF® certified employees have the potential earning ability of between £50,000 and £70,000. This course could then increase your individual earnings.
  • TOGAF® enables you to improve your Information Technology architecture skills, allowing you to become an expert.
  • Completing TOGAF® certification with Best Practice Training offers a variety of options in undertaking the courses in order to make this qualification accessible to business professional who are under time constraints. The Foundation and Certified sections can be completed together in the form of a four days course. Alternatively, they can be completed separately, two days for each course, making it easy to fit your training around your commitments.
  • The TOGAF® certification is not limited to the Information Technology industry. TOGAF® has been implemented into other industries including, National Health Services in the UK. Click here to find more industries TOGAF® has been adopted too.
  • TOGAF® training with Best Practice is delivered by TOGAF® accredited instructors who are experts in their field, providing you with quality training.
  • There are no TOGAF® prerequisites for attending the certification. Thus, this training could greatly improve your prospects.
  • Finally, there is no pre-course reading for TOGAF® preparation. However, if you are interested in the course it is recommended that you read the ‘TOGAF Version 9.1’ book to prepare for the course.Therefore, partaking in the TOGAF® certification is extremely beneficial for professionals as it could increase your potential earnings and allow you to progress in your field more effectively.

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