Course Introduction

Management of Portfolio (MoP) Foundation and practitioner course helps delegates to understand how to apply principles, techniques, practices, and organisational context on which the portfolio management operates. Our fully accredited trainers ensure that the theory is completely embedded and delegates feel confident about the practical application of the subject.

What’s included

BPT offers more benefits. Here is what's included with this course:


Exam(s) included


Tutor Support




  • One must bring signed photo ID proof on any BCS exam.
  • Additional time will be given to the candidates with a physical disability or one whose   native language differ from the examination.
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Delegates will learn how to

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the scope and objective of Portfolio Management
  • Identify the benefits of applying portfolio management
  • Undergo the operational context on which it operates
  • Implement principles and practices for successful portfolio management
  • Discover the purposes of the portfolio management definition and delivery cycles
  • Learn various steps involved in the implementing and maintaining project
  • Recognise the purpose of major portfolio documents
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Target Audience

  • Those who are involved in a range of formal and informal portfolio management roles and responsibilities.
  • Those who are involved in creation, selection and delivery of business change initiatives like members of Management Committee, Portfolio, Programme, Senior Management, Business Change and Benefits Managers.
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Course Information


  • 50 multiple choice scenario-based questions
  • Duration- 40 minutes
  • Closed-book
  • 50 percentage is passing marks

MoP® Foundation & Practitioner Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner Southampton
25-09-2017 £2495.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner Southampton
20-11-2017 £2495.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner Southampton
11-12-2017 £2495.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner Southampton
12-03-2018 £3499.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner Southampton
30-07-2018 £3499.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner London
09-10-2017 £2099.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner London
13-11-2017 £2099.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner London
04-12-2017 £2099.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner London
18-12-2017 £2099.00
MoP® Foundation & Practitioner London
26-02-2018 £2099.00


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