Topic Introduction

This group includes courses relating to the ITIL® framework and range from foundation to practitioner level courses. The ITIL® courses can be used in the organisations for managing various IT services. The delegates might choose a single course from the group or complete the training as a whole.

Course Information

ITIL and IT Service Management Training Courses

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a methodology based on adopting IT services and managing to meet business targets and requirements. ITIL recognises the importance of IT as a powerful driver for extensive business change, and this is why they deliver IT Service Management Training courses. ITIL understands the potential value IT services can have for businesses, and the seemingly limitless possibilities of technology which only seems to be growing. Thus, ITIL qualifications display candidate’s willingness to maximise IT service capabilities to match business objectives.

ITIL certifications are globally recognised and are seen as the most appropriate approach to IT Service Management.

Furthermore, ITIL and IT Service Management Training relates to the creation, design, control, and development of the services that provide support for your business and customers. Effective IT service management is essential to the strategic workings of frameworks, networks, software, processes, and suppliers. The operation of these elements is so important, hence the need for such ITIL and IT Service Management Training courses.


Who are ITIL and IT Service Management Training courses intended for?

These training courses are for anyone who is interested in IT Service Management. Anyone can attend ITIL and IT Service Management Training courses as there are no formal requirements. However these training courses

There are several levels to ITIL and IT Service Management certifications, ranging from Foundation to Expert.


Why should I complete an ITIL and IT Service Management Training course?

ITIL and IT Service Management Training courses enable candidates to:

  • Utilise IT services and resources efficiently
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge of IT Service Management potential
  • Stand out in the marketplace and better their career prospects


Why should I use Best Practice Training?

Best Practice Training is delivered by qualified, experienced instructors who are experts in IT Service Management as they work professionally within the field every day. Candidates acquire the highest quality knowledge and understanding, as they learn from the most recent and relevant sources.



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