Topic Introduction

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is the most popular software suite on a day to day business settings worldwide. It is a very powerful piece of software that offers several diverse programmes to address office needs. However, many businesses fail to make the most of Microsoft Office’s potential, and consequently their business productivity, as they do not know about all of the Office’s features. Hence, Microsoft Office Training courses are necessary to make people aware of everything Microsoft Office can accomplish, in order to enhance efficiency and output.

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    Learn the skills to presenet information

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    Includes tools like word,powerpoint,excel etc

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    User friendly features that enable to access secure information

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    Universally used in office settings

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    lowest price courses in its class

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    Highly Experienced trainers at Best Practice Training

Course Information

Why should I complete a Microsoft Office Training course?

Candidates should undertake Microsoft Office Training because:

  • The certification is desired by employers as it demonstrates a commitment to skills development.
  • It makes you an important team member.
  • A variety of skills are developed: presentation skills, reporting skills, formula creating skills.
  • Your expanded knowledge enables you to work more productively as you save time working out how to use certain features.
  • Microsoft Office is universal so skills can be used in any industry in any part of the world.

Due to the credibility and renowned reputation of Microsoft Office, employers value Microsoft Office certifications as it demonstrates that candidates can maximise the potential of what the software can achieve. Skills acquired from such courses are very much desired as the training covers all the individual programmes like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

With constantly developing technology, Microsoft Office Training courses enable candidates to keep up to date with the most recent and relevant versions of the Microsoft software. Such training allows individuals to improve their existing skills, whilst learning about new features they had not previously been aware of. Candidates will learn to include how to create reports, format documents, manage information, and analyse their results, and basically deliver everything needed to be successful in an office setting.


Who is able to complete a Microsoft Office Training course?

Anyone who is interested in developing their knowledge of Microsoft Office software can complete a Microsoft Office Training course. There are no formal requirements for this training course.


Why choose Best Practice Training?

Best Practice Training is a globally recognised training provider. Training is delivered by qualified, experienced instructors who work with Microsoft Office software every day. Hence, candidates acquire the highest quality knowledge and understanding, as they learn from the most recent and relevant sources.



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