Topic Introduction

The Web Designing training course helps the delegates to learn about the various layouts that can be used while designing web sites. It also provides  knowledge about how to style the various setions and controls on a website. The delegates will learn to debug the web site programs as well during the course duration.

Course Information

What is Website Designing?

Website designing refers to the development of websites using tools & techniques such as JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, and even XHTML being the latest to be added. While JavaScript or Jscript focus on providing dynamic effects to the website, CSS and JQuery can be used for styling. XHTML is an improved version of HTML which is fast replacing HTML in many platforms.

What are the benefits of Website Designing?

    The delegates are by the end of the course familiar the terms and techniques of web designing. They also learn how to divide the page into various divisions like a grid. Before the delegates finish this course, they will have developed one sample website of their own where they use all the tools they have learnt in the training. Last but not least of all, the delegates will be introduced to incorporate responsiveness into their site which means the site can be opened on any type of device be it  a desktop, a tablet, or even a mobile.

Why should I take Website Designing?

The Website Designing training course is beneficial for the delegates as they learn to develop their website using the latest tools. Designing using the Grid architecture and incorporating the Responsive feature into a website lends it a distinct advantage. The delegates also learn to apply styles to different areas of the website using Cascading Style Sheets.

Why Should I Choose Best Practice Training?

At  Best Practice Training, the delegates are provided with value for their money. The delegates are taught by certified and experienced instructors. Furthermore, Best Practice Training has doubt-sessions in case the delegates want to clarify any of their doubts. The delegates are also provided with practical sessions rather than just theory sessions. This makes them industry-ready professionals who can start designing and developing their own websites at any given time.




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