Course Introduction

The contract is very important part of the business environment; it states the expectations of both the parties and help to resolve the negative issues. Contract management training course teaches the delegates how to manage the contract’s creation, execution and analysis for maximising the financial performance efficiently and effectively. Effective contract management system improves the performance of the company and reduces financial risk. The delegates will learn the different fundamental criteria of contract management and they will also learn the necessary skills and techniques required to execute better partnership among the partners.

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    Manage the implementation and monitoring of contract

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    Understand the contract life-cycle, financial analysis and negotiation

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    Become familiar with the different fundamental criteria

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     Gain important skills to make a better partnership with partner

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    Reduce risk in contract delivery

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    Know the role of contracts in procurement

What’s included

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Delegates will learn how to

The delegates will learn about:

  • Contract management terminology
  • Key principles of contract management
  • Importance of effective contract management
  • Contract lifecycle and stages of the contract management
  • Subcontracting, developing strategic alliance and outsourcing
  • Legal risk and ethical issues associated with contracting and procurement
  • Role of contracting in the projects
  • Scope of work, procedure, management and agreement philosophy
  • Suitable resolution of disputes
  • Necessary skills and techniques necessary to maintain the better relationships with a partner
  • Correct language to use and what obligations can be met
  • Negotiate, renegotiate and terminate contracts
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Target Audience

  • This training program is essential for those who are working in small or large organisations, entrepreneurs, government and commercial entities.
  • People involved in managing contractual relationship comprising project managers, contract administrators, procurement managers, marketing managers, sales managers, managing directors.
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Course Information

Contract influence the profitability of the business in a very large way as it directly relates to the revenue and expenses of the organisation. Effective contract management is very important in ensuring that both the parties fulfil the commercial contract terms between them. This course will provide delegates with the combined theoretical and practical knowledge of contract administration and management. The delegates will learn how to resolve the typical issues and challenges arise and how to improve the project delivery performance by improving the knowledge in procurement, contract law and contract management. After attending the two-day course, the candidates will be able to handle the contract management with the utmost confidence and effectiveness.

Contract Management Training Schedules

Course Name Duration Dates Price
Contract Management Training 1 Day Southampton
14-06-2018 £2185.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day Southampton
15-11-2018 £2185.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day London
08-03-2018 £1249.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day London
03-05-2018 £1249.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day London
26-07-2018 £1249.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day London
18-10-2018 £1249.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day London
13-12-2018 £1249.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day Bristol
27-12-2018 £1785.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day Manchester
15-02-2018 £1495.00
Contract Management Training 1 Day Manchester
17-05-2018 £1495.00


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