Topic Introduction

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a procedure that contains a set of principles and processes for use when managing a programme. A programme is made up of a particular set of projects identified by an organisation that together will deliver some defined impartial, or set of goals, for the organisation.

Course Information

What is MSP® Training?

Developed as a best practice guide the training consists of a set of Principles and a set of Processes for use when managing a programme. MSP is used for programme management best practice while delivering successful transformational change through the application of programme management.It is flexible and designed to be adapted to meet the needs of local circumstances.

Why Should I Take MSP® Training?

With an MSP® Training course, one can rely on the knowledge and capability to contribute to the transformational change and also attain strategic business objectives of the organisation.In order to build knowledge of this widely adopted framework for improving work performance and career growth, program managers look to achieve the MSP® Certifications.

What are benefits of taking MSP® Training?

Benefits of taking an MSP® Training are:

  • Increase Career Opportunities
  • Improve Organizational Growth
  • Help Professionals to Learn and earn on the Organizations Premises

Why Choose Best Practice Training?

  • Best Practice Training offers MSP® Training using the best practice approach of AXELOS.
  • Best Practice helps the candidates in determining their Strengths and Weaknesses using the MSP® Trainings approach.


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