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The ITIL® Expert Training has courses for professionals who want to support their organisation’s service delivery by connecting the service lifecycle stages. The ITIL training comes with a single course ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) qualification and is completed in just 5 days.

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    Support Service Delivery Using The Service Lifecycle Stages

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ITIL Advanced Training Courses Introduction 

The ITIL Advanced/Expert Training courses display knowledge and understand of the entire ITIL programme. The certification is achieved by those who demonstrate their best practice expertise and skills and possess a variety of ITIL certifications which cover a variety of topics and experiences. The ITIL Expert Training connects service lifecycle stages which are beneficial for supporting business services. ITIL Expert Training consists of only one course which is Managing Across the Lifecycle, and is completed over a period of 5 days. Consequently, on completion of the ITIL Expert Training course, successful candidates will be awarded the MALC certification, and hence ITIL Expert prominence.  


Why should I complete an ITIL Advanced Training course? 

The ITIL Expert Training course will:

  • Benefit career progress as it enables candidates to stand out in the IT Service Management marketplace.
  • Experience high-quality training provided by qualified, competent trainers who have the candidate’s best interests at heart.
  • When candidates have attained the ITIL Expert certification, they are able to advance even further to complete the ITIL Master Level if they wish. Hence, the ITIL Expert Training course gives candidates access to the highest possible ITIL qualification. 


Who can complete the ITIL Expert Training course? 

Candidates must meet the requirements in order to complete the ITIL Expert Training course.

Candidates must have:

  • The ITIL Foundation certification or equivalent Bridge qualification.
  • A minimum of 17 credits obtained from Foundation and Intermediate certifications.
  • The MALC (Managing Across the Lifecycle) module. In order to achieve this, candidates will have sat an exam that requires candidates to apply and display their knowledge and understanding of ITIL in terms of their own business and circumstances. The examination is closed-book and consists of multiple choice questions. There are 10 questions to answer per paper which lasts for 2 hours. In order to pass the MALC module, 22 credits are required.
  • Earlier Service Manager or Practitioner certifications can be used. 

Once all required modules are completed and the appropriate number of credits is reached, you can be awarded the ITIL Expert certification as all lifecycle stages have been completed.



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